Hope Payson

LCSW, LADC and EMDR Consultant 



Unfortunately, I am unable to accept new Clients at this time.  If you are looking for an EMDR Therapist, there are a number of good search engines including:  www.ctemdrtherapists.com   www.emdr.com  and www.emdria.org

Clinical Orientation:  I’m a Clinical Social Worker and Addiction Counselor licensed in the State of CT. I have been trained in psychodynamic, solution focused and EMDR (Eye Movement, Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapies. As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and training facilitator, my training in EMDR has been extensive. I have 20 years of post-graduate training in trauma and addiction and remain involved in on-going training to serve the needs of my clients. I work with adults age 18 and up.

Insurance Benefits:  You work hard for them, I work hard to take them. I accept most private insurances, Medicare and CT Husky Insurance.

Why EMDR?:

My work and life has been greatly influenced by EMDR. I use EMDR as my primary therapeutic modality. As an EMDR Facilitator and Consultant, I coach and train other therapists in the use of EMDR, in particular how to use EMDR to address addictions. The EMDR driven changes I have witnessed personally and professionally have been compelling. Deep rooted habits can change quickly, which leads to incredible life shifts. This is not easy work, EMDR is a trauma therapy and the work can be difficult and intense. But slugging through days re-experiencing incidents from your past or repeating old emotional habits that do not serve you is not easy either. Therapy is about change, in my opinion, EMDR gets you there faster. But don’t take my word for it, to read about EMDR related research or about specific details about EMDR please take a look at these reputable websites below.

www.emdr.com – This website includes research, EMDR information and a search engine to locate an EMDR therapist near you.
www.emdria.org  – Similar information as above.
www.ctemdrtherapists.com  – To locate other EMDR therapists within CT, this site also lists what insurance these therapists take and the level of their EMDR training.