(Formerly titled RECOVERING COMMUNITY: A Documentary of Hope)

A film that explores the connection between trauma and addiction

Our Mission

Silence, isolation, stigma and unaddressed trauma cultivates the environment for addiction. Through the use of personal stories and film, we will explore: the root causes of addiction, the transformational power of recovery, and how compassionate, understanding and access to evidence based trauma treatment are more effective interventions than incarceration or exile.

Support the movie that will help people who are suffering find their way home.

When completed, this high quality, short film will be shown at multiple venues and remain as a permanent resource for people struggling with addictions, the treatment community and the general public.

What We Need

Additional Sponsors to help cover the cost of editing and producing the film. Sponsors are given producer credit and will be acknowledged at all venues.

For More Information:

Please visit the documentary website and view the trailer.

Can you help or do you have suggestions about people or organizations that can?

If so, please contact Hope Payson below.