Recovering Community



WANTED—Support to create an important documentary,

          RECOVERING COMMUNITY: Exploring the Roots of Addiction and Recovery                       with the experts—the people who have been there



 Do you believe that addiction is not about the power of the chemical or behavior itself and more about the factors that would drive a person to use drugs or behavioral addictions to the point of self destruction?  

Have you ever wondered what traits or resources people who get clean and sober tap into?

Would you like to get involved in the movement to increase community awareness about issues related to both addiction and recovery?

Please help us in our effort to explore the roots of addiction and recovery and create a film that offers steps each one of us can take…….to create a solid foundation for

Recovering Community


What we have:
• Thirteen courageous people with differing histories and backgrounds willing to put a face on addiction and recovery and explore the connection between addiction and—culture, trauma, life experiences, and genetics.

• An experienced filmmaker willing to create a high quality, short film that will be shown at multiple venues and remain as a permanent resource for people struggling with addictions, the treatment community and the general public.


What we need:
•Additional Sponsors to help cover the cost of editing and producing the film. Sponsors are given producer credit and will be acknowledged at all venues.
• Venues to show the film after the final edit.


The Recovering Community Movie:
• Introducing the documentary…
• For more information please visit the documentary website HERE 


A big thank you to our current Sponsors who have assisted with the initial filming with labor or funding:  

                 A Room with a New View, Inc. and Kate Becker, Big Oak Psychotherapy       Institute and Karen Alter-Reid, Susan Brown,Tory Jadow–filmmaker, John Gruen,                   Marc Trivella, Charlotte Giraudet,Alex Boianghu, Teri Baber, Kay Sawyer,       and Hope Payson LLC–in memory of John Payson IV

Can you help or have suggestions about people or organizations that can? If so, please contact Hope Payson via phone (860)830-6439 or email me at